Technical Documents

What is Abbruch?

     Abbruch is a command-line utility for managing lists of email addresses. Abbruchs actions are based around features offered by procmail. (a powerful, yet cryptic, unix mail filtering program).

Goals of Abbruch

  • Abbruchs primary goal is to make these more powerful features of procmail availible to users who are capable of editing simple files and running a script file.
  • A secondary goal of Abbruch is to allow procmail powerusers to more effectively manage "chunks" of their procmail rules.

Status of Abbruch

        Abbruch is currently under development with an early alpha preview of the types of features if has to offer. The alpha version has been used by the creator/author to manage his own folders and block lists. Thus it is relatively bug free. It's only considered alpha in sofar as it's limitations and current lack of a proper design documentation. As well as a few items that could pose security holes. (i.e. shell commands)

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