Technical Documents


How can I help?

The project team is always open to suggestions and ideas for how to improve our product. Although it is a very early alpha version, we strongly encourage you to try it out and tell us what you think.

Other ways to contribute are to post ideas on the abbruch sourceforge forums. Private forums are used by the abbruch team to communicate with each other as well as public forums to communicate the status and discuss ideas and concern our users and potential users may have.

Are you trying to solicit money?


This is a volunteer effort, nobody in it gets paid for developing this software nor for its related documentation. If you're a technical person and you find a business opportunity in trying to setup shops with this product, by all means, do so. And please tell us how it goes. Let us know about the challenges you face, and what went easily.

Information is what we're after. This contribution will be far more useful than any money amount. As well, when our product starts nearing a more stable, "robust" product stage, we ask that administrators and users on various variants of unix/POSIX compliant systems try this out. The more systems this runs on successfully, the better we will be able to stop the Marketing people from flooding our inboxes with unwanted ads.

I've got some code changes I've made that I think will help, who do I email them to??

Please create patch files and note the file version you used as a base. Then use the sourceforge interface to email the project manager. He will see to it that the patches get evaluated, and if appropriate applied to the proper section of code. As well you will need ot include a description of what you changed and why.