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Stop What You're Doing!

Check your email!

Have you recieved yet another piece of bulk mail?

In all probability you didn't sign up for this bulk mail in your inbox. There is a blight on the internet, far worse than the one afflicting the postal system. It's called unsolicited "bulk mail". Back when email wasn't readily accessible, advertisers actually had to do research to make sure theye weren't wasting their dollars printing and mailing advertisements to the wrong demographics.

With the advent of bulk e-mailing programs, with along with low cost bulk mail services, advertisers are now casting off their own demographic research to just get more eyes viewing their ads. In turn many of these bulk mail providers CLAIM, quite falsely, that they are an "opt-in" service. Meaning you must explicitly sign up for their bulk mail.

Ah... but here in lies the irony. These "opt-in" services often have "business partnerships" or own entertainment sites that they use to harvest email addresses. As well, "trusted" and "Big Name" internet companies routinely sell/distribute email addresses as a part of these "business partnerships". So despite your best efforts at telling all of these companies to not redistribute your address and name, inevitably your email address will end up on one of these lists. And once on one of these lists it's only a matter of time before it ends up on everyones lists.

And dont think for a minute that clicking the unsubscribe link will help you. In most cases it will only worsen the matter. You see, existing laws allow these "businesses" to wait any where from a day to a month before actually removing your name from their list. Given that these strategic business partnerships, "share information for mutual benefit"; once you click that unsibscribe link, nine times out of ten you will automatically be signed up with one or more of the business partners. This not only KEEPS YOUR NAME ON THEIR LIST, BUT ALSO PUTS YOU ON MORE EMAIL LISTS. Now you have even more junk emails cluttering your inbox; none of which you directly signed up for, and many of which youve already tried ever so diligently to stop.

O.K. I've heard enough, You've got me convinced

So if I can't "unsubscribe" then how do I deal with this bulk email?

The team at abbruch is developing a solution that may work for you. For free of charge, your internet provider can download our software and assist you in creating special email filters that will help you block most bulk email (also known as SPAM). Right now it's in too early of a state to be directly useful to most end users. HOWEVER, within the year the abbruch team will strive to have an easy to use product that anyone who can send an email can use. As well abbruch will be able to block known spam sites.

So by all means, talk to your internet provider today, ask them what they can do to help you deal with bulk email. If they tell you to configure outlook to block only specific email addresses tell them that's not good enough. Tell them that they need to check out our product.

if they come back and say "well yes, but you see, we're a windows shop and that's for unix". Tell them as the customer you deserve the power of unix and the freedom from SPAM. And if by the time abbruch is finished, they don't change over to use abbruch, then change to an internet provider who has. Because you deserve better. You deserve freedom from SPAM.